Thursday, July 9, 2015

A unimpressive organizing project

IHeartOrganizing is having a 4 week Wait-No-More Organizing Challenge with giftcard prizes!  First let me ooh and ahh about IHeartOrganizing.  I found this website through Pinterest and this picture:

Oh, you've seen it?  Oh, you've loved it and wished you were that organized?  Me too.  Yeah, I'm not either.  I mean, she has her child's Legos sorted by color.  I just am lucky if there aren't other random toys or clothes in my child's block basket. 

So my project is a little less spectacular than any others on her site but hey, I am waiting-no-more.  That's something right?

I decided to organize in my kitchen.  Yesterday, I looked at and started daydreaming about the area above my cabinets.  Today, I organized a drawer.

Yes, one drawer.  I told you my project is unimpressive.  It's in the title (I feel like a Super Why character now).

Here was my silverware drawer.  Notice that the organizer was super small so all the silverware is shoved in it. This organizer was from my first apartment.  The drawer was too narrow to fit the organizer so I cut off one end.  Or rather my dad cut off the end for me.

This is the so fancy new organizer.  It was like $10 at Wal-Mart.  I looked at Target and TJ Maxx but this is the one I liked the best.

Here is what my drawer looks like now.  I can find my long-handled spoons and my bigger spoons now.  

I am getting rid of these spoons.  They are for spoon-feeding your baby.  I don't spoon-feed my baby anymore.  Or if I do, like when she is trying to steal my ice cream, I use a regular spoon.

Since you've read (or at least scrolled through) this post, here is my tip for you.  Get mesh feeders for babies.  They make good presents.  Well, maybe not alone as they are like $5 but as part of a diaper cake or something organized people do for presents.

Some things you/ a baby may like to do with these:
  • Put food in them like tomatoes, watermelon, etc.  The more watery the food, the better.  The baby basically sucks on them to get the food/ juice out.  

  • Put ice in them for a teething remedy.  The ice numbs the gums without being a choking hazard.  If you do this regularly it also works as a placebo.  The baby will associate them with comfort, even if they don't need the ice.  

  • Put ice in them to use as an icepack.  You still should wrap a towel or whatever around it but the ice cubes won't go flying across the room.  
There you go.  A now organized drawer and a chilled baby.  Now for the rest of the room!  


  1. I desperately need to organize my kitchen drawers... and the house in general. We have storage bin unit that's meant for children's toys but haven't put it together yet.

    1. I have read several things lately that stress focusing on "better" not fantastic or best it can be but just "better". That's what I was going for in this project.

  2. These smaller projects make the biggest impacts on our day-to-day lives (which IS impressive). The drawer is a win, and I hope you felt it was worthy of celebrating once you were done with it.

    1. You know, you are right. I've lived with this drawer for a little bit now and it has made my life easier. The biggest change is in the motivation of putting away dishes, especially silverware. Before I kinda dreaded this task and put it off as long as possible. Now that everything has ample room, I can easily put away silverware. This has a snowball effect-- the dishwasher is now empty so I don't have dishes on the counter. . . etc.