Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All things pompom

Child development experts and parents agree that the best toys are versatile.  That is why Legos get such rave reviews.  I am here to promote the next best toy--- the POMPOM!  Here are some ideas of how to use your pompoms.  

 Baby Doll- If you feel like the Cabbage Patch doll that is supposed to go in the carseat is so 1980s, you can treat these pompoms like babies.  Also works with the stroller or the bed for abandoned Baby Shaun.

Holiday Decorations- When you are two holidays are the best thing ever!  Even if your mom says the Easter bunny won't come again until next year, you can still get ready with this basket of "Easker eggs".  Pompoms also work as fireworks.  Just throw them in the air and say Boom!

 Food and Drink- What do you do when your favorite stuffed monkey gets hungry and thirsty? Pour him a glass of pompoms!  Then, cook some pompom soup and feed it to him spoonful by spoonful.  Be careful though, when you change your monkey's diaper there *may* be some yucky pompoms that you need to clean up! 
 Purse Contents- Lipstick?  Check!  Keys?  Check!  Phone?  Check!  Money?  Check!  These pompoms cover everything you need for a night out! 

 Pillow stuffing- When your pet monkey gets sleepy, just let him sleep on your purse.  No worries as it is safely padded with pompoms!  

**As a standard disclosure, pompoms are really supposed to be for kids over 3.  If you child puts random things in their mouth, don't let them use pompoms.  Watch your kid when they play.  ***


  1. That's so true! Kiddos are far more creative with materials that allow them to use their boxes, pom poms, plain blocks, Legos, etc. My boys spend far more time with their Legos and bikes than they do any of the other toys at our house!
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    1. Tonya,
      Thanks for your reply. This post was half serious-- half not. My daughter is obsessed with pompoms-- I mean OBSESSED. They have a place in almost everything she plays. I think they are really helping her imagination and sense of storytelling take off!