Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Creating cards with a 2 year old

Yesterday I told you how I made a candy bar card for my father-in-law's 70th birthday.  I also worked with my daughter to make a card for him.  Maybe you remember that my daughter is 2 1/2 and are wondering what kind of card we made.  A very cute one (in my not-so-humble opinion)! 

I am a fan of having kid projects be very hands-on.  I did however, want this to look nicer than my daughter can do independently.  So we worked together on this one. 

Here is what we did:  
1) I chose the Cricut cartridge Create-A-Critter.   This cartridge has lots of animals that my daughter likes.  Also, while it has lots of layers, the layers are still bigger pieces.  I asked my daughter which animal she wanted to make. She looked at the pictures and chose the bear. I gave her some scrapbook paper scraps and she picked out a green plaid, a blue, and an orange polka dotted (that we didn't use).  I set the size and settings on the cricut machine but she pushed all the buttons and took the paper off the mat.  

Picture Source
 2)  She did the first glue with a glue stick.  I went back over it with a liquid glue.  This made her a little more involved but still had the teddy bear stick together.  

3) We assembled the card.  I did a little different fold (gatefold) just to make it more interesting.  My daughter wanted some washi tape stripes so she did that with some help.  I added some googly eyes and a Yippee stamp just for cuteness. 

4)My daughter "wrote a message" to grandpa on the inside and added more Washi Tape.  We called it finished!  


  1. The card is super cute! I love my cricket, but have never seen that cartridge. So creative.

  2. I just got it on clearance! I used to use my cricut a lot but it's an older version (the original) so I sometimes feel like it's not fancy enough.