Monday, July 6, 2015

Father-in-law turns 70

My father-in-law turns 70 tomorrow.  What a milestone birthday!  Of course you want to do something exciting to celebrate.  But. . . what does he need?  Nothing!  So I took an idea from a friend, added to it from Pinterest, and came up with a candy card.  

I went shopping before I planned out the card--- just randomly picked out some candy that I thought I could turn into phrases.  I wouldn't recommend this method but it worked. 

Then I opened a word document and started planning.  I highlighted the candy bar names so it would be easy for me to know when to put in a new candy.

I started writing on the card.  I know I am a teacher but I have yet to have that perfect teacher handwriting.  A professor told me that when she graduated, you had a test on writing neatly on a chalkboard.  I don't know if I would ever had graduated with that criteria.  My handwriting tends to go uphill.  Then I catch myself and it goes downhill.

Anyway, I ran out of room so I ended up putting the parts about my daughter on another page.  This worked well as the big poster paper is from my husband and I and the little paper is from her.

I thought about hotgluing the candy but then worried about it melting the wrappers.  In the end, I glued down the candy with my ATG gun.  I love this thing!   It is basically a large tape runner.  

Remember how I said buying random candy worked?  It worked well because I ended up with a couple of extra pieces.  Yum!   Anyway, I hope my father-in-law likes his card!  We also made cards-- I will post about that tomorrow.

I am linking up to Monday Made It from 4th Grade Frolics.  This is a crafty link-up that I love! 

My candy bar card project is really my 2nd Monday Made It!  The first is this blog.  I just started it on Wednesday (you know, new month = new blog).  I would love to hear your blogging feedback/ hints/ tips.  Thanks! 


  1. I love the candy card! So sweet. Welcome to the blogging world. I'm new to it too. Well, technically I made my blog a year ago, but I didn't start posting until a few weeks ago. I'm impressed with how many posts you have already.

    Adventures Teaching Fourth

    1. Isn't there just something enticing about the idea of blogging? Those who blog year round make it look easy. :) I will tell you the secret of so many posts-- scheduling them in advance! I write up a couple at a time and then just have them ready to go for the next couple of days. Sneaky, sneaky!

  2. Love your candy card!!! - what a really fun idea and perfect for someone who doesn't really need anything - candy - well everyone needs that. So clever!!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Of course everyone NEEDS candy. :)