Wednesday, July 22, 2015

First Changes to my Planner

Last week, I told you my decoration plans for my Blue Sky Day Designer planner.  Since then, I've made some little changes.

First, I went through and added all those important calendar dates such as days off, etc.  These are ones that probably won't change.  I added different colors and designs of washi tape to designate different kinds of .  For example, this blue dotted paper means important school dates.  Gold chevron means important personal dates such as birthdays, etc.

I then turned to the weekly spreads and added this same information.  I didn't take up a lot of room with my writing because I want this to be very practical.  For example, maybe on the recording/ reporting day, I will have a meeting with a certain teacher at 10 am.  I want to be able to have room to write this down.  Or maybe I will use this space to write a to-do list.  Or maybe just a cute decoration.

Do you see the washi tape on the side of this page?  I added it just to a couple of pages to designate the end/ beginning of trimesters.  I like how it makes these marking periods show up really well without being too much work.    

 I thought I needed a little something else on the monthly pages and so added some highlighting of the dates.  Just a little something to be cute. 

  That's all I've done with my planner so far.  My daughter went to work with the highlighters and the front page though.  This is what she designed.  Super cute, right?

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  1. Glad to see your daughter loved highlighters as much as I do!

    I LOVE the idea of using different colored tape to mark different types of events (personal, professional etc.) I will have to steal that once I have a chance to fill out my planner a bit more :)

  2. Yes, she loves it. I know what you mean about filling out the planner more. On one hand, you want to add what you can now; on the other hand, you don't want to interrupt any future color scheme. Decisions, decisions!