Thursday, July 2, 2015

Little Girl's Favorite Books

I don't use my daughter's name online.  Instead, I call her "Little Girl" or "Monkey Girl" or another cute name like that.  Anyway, she just turned 2 1/2 and these are some of her favorite books.

Tails by Matthew Van Fleet

Monkey Girl knows all the animals in this book (even the odd ones like pangolin) and keeps finding fun details like how the tiger is biting the alligator on the last page. Really anything by Matthew Van Fleet is a hit.  We also have Lick!, Munch!, and Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings. These books are interactive with plenty of tabs and flaps.  For the most part she takes good care of these books but she demolished Munch!

Press Here by Herve Tullet

This is another example of being in love with an author that I didn't even know existed until we started reading toddler books!  Press Here is also an interactive book but it doesn't have tabs to pull or flaps to open.  Instead, it gives "commands" to the reader like to press the yellow dot.  After the reader does it (on the next page), something magical happens.  Even though I know that the "magic" will happen even if you don't follow the directions, I sometimes hold my breath to see if it worked.  We've read Mix it up! and I am Blop! at the library-- they are great also.

Brown Bear by Bill Martin, Jr. (illustrated by Eric Carle)
Seriously, have you heard anything as sweet as a 2 year old reading this book to herself?  Makes me melt EVERYTIME.  She has had this book memorized for close to a year and still will read it to herself quite often.  She also requests this one to read together.  We have the Baby Bear book and have checked out Polar Bear and Panda Bear but Brown Bear holds a special place in my heart.  

Race You to Bed by Bob Shea
We picked this book up at a close-out bookstore because my husband thought it was so cute.  It is cute and it is even cuter to see them read it most nights before bed.  Plus, how much fun is it to go "all around a goat to bed"?  I haven't fallen in love with the other Bob Shea books but maybe I haven't given them a chance.

Fourteen Bears by Evelyn Scott

This is a book with some history.  My oldest brother checked this out from my hometown library when he was little.  From that point on, we loved this book.  My mom said that we had it checked out to us from the time he was 2 until I was 7 (and that's a feat since he is 7 years older than me!).  Years later, my mom checked into buying a copy for us.  It was out of print with copies running hundreds of dollars.  That hometown library had "lost" their only copy (or someone sold it for hundreds of dollars???)  In 2005, they reprinted this book and my mom got us all copies.  It is again out of print and is currently priced at "from $85".  Little Girl has decided that she loves this book but I worry every time we read it that it will get ripped to shreds.  We both love this book- it is about a Daddy Bear and Mother Bear and their 12 little baby bears.  They have all kinds of fun.  Makes me want to be a bear who lives in a hollow tree, eats flavored honey and swims with fishes.  

This post is LONG!  And I didn't even get started on One Fish, Two Fish or Five Little Monkeys or . . . Volume 2 will need to come later!  


  1. So cute! I've been having lots of fun rediscovering children's literature through my own little family.

  2. Let me know if you read any of these books Amy!

  3. Oh my gosh! Reading Press Here with my son at age 4 was so much fun!

    Not very fancy in 1st

  4. I love it. I found it reading Amazon reviews and feel the need to spread the word!