Friday, July 3, 2015

There is a snake in my sink!

Oh, you were expecting a real snake?  Not today, thank goodness!  

Since having my daughter, my hair sheds all the time.  I actually went to the doctor last year and had my thyroid checked because it was so bad.  No thyroid problems but still shedding more than my cat (or maybe my hair is just longer?)  

So when my bathroom sink started draining slowly, I figured it was hair stuck in there.  I put "drain cleaner" on the shopping list and went to Wal-Mart.  

I found this "Double Impact Liquid Plumr" and put it in the cart unenthusiastically.  At my old house, I tried snaking lines several times but was unimpressed with the results.  Keep in mind this was before having the baby and my old house had old plumbing with all kinds of problems. 

So anyway, I put the snake in the bathroom sink line and brought up a glob of hair mixed with what I hope was straight mud.  I did this several times and then the line was completely cleaned.  No need for the Liquid Plumr.  Yay for less chemicals!

Impressed I tried it on the shower drain (that was not having problems).  I pulled out a glob of hair the size of a mouse.  Gross.  Here is a picture of a mouse.  Just so you can imagine the hairball and all.  

So next time your sink or shower are draining slowly, try a snake.  If you can't find this Double Impact Liquid Plumr or just a snake, you can use a cable tie, or even make your own from a soda bottle. Or so Pinterest claims.


  1. I definintely need to try that! I haven't had great luck with a snake either, but now I feel like I need to give it another go!

    1. You may not need it if you don't shed like crazy. :)