Monday, July 27, 2015

VBS week- Sunday Scoop


I HAVE to:
*Clean house as my mom is coming to help shampoo all the carpets.
*Prep VBS crafts/ help with VBS crafts. Our theme is Thailand. I have to prep lanterns.  They are easy but take way too long! 
*Since VBS is from 6-8 each night, I need quick and easy meals.  I need to think carefully so we don't do drive through every night.  Any ideas? 

I HOPE to: 
* Go to the fair.  I grew up being a 4-Her.  Someday I want the same for my daughter but in the meantime, we visit the fair. 
*Organize and make my laundry room cute.  I'm pinning ideas but most are more elaborate than I want to get-- it's a laundry closet, okay?

 I am HAPPY to:
*Play house.  This is my daughter's new thing.  I am feeling the tick-tock of school days.  I want to enjoy the time we have this summer. 

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  1. Cleaning is on my to do list too. As for quick meals, my go to are pasta, soup and sandwiches, salads with chicken or hard boiled eggs (chicken and eggs made ahead of time), and chicken stirfry with package of veggies. Thanks for sharing.
    @ Wiley Teaching

    1. Those are great ideas! I do a lot of pasta, soup, and sandwiches on a regular (not busy week) basis. I'm lazy like that. :)

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    1. OOOhhhh I have great memories of making crafts at VBS as a child! Such great memories. @Youngskinders

    2. Yes, I love the continuity of life-- passing on traditions like VBS and the county fair from generation to generation. When people think of their culture, they usually think religion and holidays but I think these run-of-the-mill life activities are just as important.