Thursday, August 13, 2015

Does Mom read my blog?

My mom likes garage sales, thrift stores, and auctions.  She likes to go antiquing.  While I think she usually buys because she likes the item, she also thinks it is neat to look it up on eBay to see how much it would sell for. 

I was telling her that just because an item is listed for a certain amount that it may not go for that.  You can use the options to see what at what prices similar options actually sell.  I don't know that my distracted explanation made sense so here is how you can do this.  (Plus, it guarantees I have 1 visitor to this post.) 

Step 1:  Log in just like normal. 

Step 2:  Search for your item. 

Step 3:  On the sidebar, click the option under "Show only" that says "Sold Listings". 

Step 4:  Look through the listings to see the actual selling price of the item. 

See Mom, Easy Peasy! 

 *Random lesson I just learned:  did you know the correct capitalization of eBay is just like that?  Even if you are starting a sentence with the word, the e should be lower case and the B should be capitalized.  iPhone should also start with a lower case letter, even if it is the first word of a sentence. 

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