Wednesday, August 5, 2015

IKEA catalog love

Last year, an IKEA opened about 30 minutes away.  We haven't bought too much but I love having the option close by.  I like the streamlined style and cheap prices (but not always the cheap quality).  The Easter Bunny was kind enough to leave this for my daughter. 
Only $10!
So when I Heart Organizing did an annual post about the new catalog, I wanted to join!  Some of the things that caught my eye are products but some are just decorating inspiration.   

I think we will get this cheap watering can (99 cents) so my daughter can "help" me even more with our plants.  


I like this white and natural color scheme in this room-- reminds me of Montessori approach to education.  I also like the 6 small bulletin boards coming together as one.  

I don't like that pink wall but I like the idea of metallic stripes (especially the cheap and easy tape version).  

I really like the family command center in the background.  I like the ever evolving photo/gallery wall.

We don't have a dedicated pantry in our kitchen (we just use a cabinet).  I like how this kitchen "creates" one in a corner.

I really like the different areas of this room.  We have a large living room but don't use it anywhere near this efficiently.  I like the quiet zone, play zone, tv zone, desk zone, etc.  all in one room. 

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