Monday, September 14, 2015

I won a new Cricut Explore!

Yay!  It is not here yet but here are some links to inspire me in the meantime!  (Some of these are only able to be done with the newer, bigger Cricut-- some I probably could have done already. . . but I haven't) 

I need to decorate my school laptop-- just so I can easily tell it is mine and not another teacher's or for students.  I am excited about being able to lay out projects online before cutting them.  I am also excited about the 12 X 12 size-- I know most Cricuts are this size but my Cricut was only 6 X 12. 


 I am not sure that I will do this exact project but I am super, duper excited that I will be able to cut my own fonts like this "Pass the Chex" font from Kevin and Amanda. 

This new Cricut is also supposed to be super intricate-- it can cut stuff like the  banner above.  I don't plan on making that banner but I think that the cuts would make cute cards. 

This is not really a Cricut project at all but it would go great with my newly decorated laptop.  Plus, it lets me highlight a new Cricut feature-- print then cut.  Basically you can print cutesy designs like above and then cut them out with your Cricut.  So pumped for this feature! 

So stay tuned for my wonderful posts about all the things I cut out with my new Cricut! 

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